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In early 2020 my husband and I decided to try for baby #3. We started in January and by April we had gotten out positive test. We were over the moon, but sadly, just a couple of weeks later, I started to miscarry. I found the entire experience extremely traumatising. 

We decided to stay positive and try again and to our delight, we found out we were pregnant again. We booked a private scan to ease our nerves. At 7 weeks I headed in to the room feeling fully pregnant and confident, but sadly that scan showed an empty uterus. We were sent in to our maternity hospital and bloods and a long internal scan later, and an ectopic pregnancy was diagnosed. 

Minus a left tube, we waited a cycle and decided to try again. To our joy, we got pregnant straight away again! We had 3 amazing scans where we saw our littlest love grow, but at 9.5 weeks, I just felt different. A trip into A&E confirmed my worst fears once again, they couldn't find a heart beat. We were devastated. In January we suffered a chemical pregnancy, and we really felt like this was the end of the road for us. We waited a couple of months before decided to try 'one last time'. I decided to light a candle every night for the month of March and as the flame grew we imagined out little embryo growing little by little. I decided to call it 'Spark a Life' and shared our journey once again on Instagram. Many of my followers decided to join in and try to Spark their own little lives. 

In April 2021 we got our positive pregnancy test I lit a candle every single day, willing them along, hoping they would continue to grow, and they did. On the 13th of December 2021 our little Sparky arrived earth side and has filled our lives with utter joy and happiness ever since. 

I wanted to spread some hope for those who are struggling through their own fertility journeys. I found lighting a candle helped me to stay full of hope and I really hope it does the same for you too. 

I really hope you are holding your own little Sparky in a few months time!